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Financial services tailored to your needs!
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Financial services tailored to your needs!

Whether asset accumulation, financing or insurance - DHP-Realizations is your independent contact for everything to do with finances and realizes dreams! We and our partners are aware of the responsibility and advise you comprehensively and honestly on your wishes.

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The financial market - a basic overview

The financial market is the grouping of all markets where capital or trade takes place, i.e. where supply and demand are opposed in terms of financial resources. The financial resources can be currencies, commodities or securities. A distinction is made between the money market, the capital market, the foreign exchange market and the credit market; in addition, a distinction is made between foreign, national and international financial markets.

The financial market is constantly on the move - we go with it!

The financial market is subject to constant change, the framework conditions change regularly. Investments, for example, have changed significantly after well-known financial crises. Low interest rates have become the norm.

Our partners are specialists in the financial services sector and are guaranteed to find the ideal, modern financing or capital investment that suits you and your life. We will show you interesting options in value investments or the tried and tested.

We will refer you to our independent financial advisors!

Are you thinking about a profitable capital investment? Would you like to finance your own property or is a trip around the world your dream? Our partners take a lot of time for personal advice - whether in the area of capital investment, financing or insurance. Our independent financial advisors analyse your needs, support you in financing discussions and find the best offers tailored precisely to your requirements.

We advise you holistically and also discuss what experience you have had in the area of finance or look at existing contracts.
Your wishes are our top priority. You can rely on the know-how and experience of our partners!

Protect yourself optimally with an all-round package in the area of insurance!

DHP-Realizations is your one-stop shop for insurance, because in many areas of life, you can't do without good coverage. If you are planning an event, for example, there is a lot to consider, including what insurance it needs. With our independent partners we look for the optimal insurance coverage in the private or commercial sector for you and every life situation.

Make your dream come true with custom financing!

Banks grant loans every day, but which bank is the best for your financial wishes? Together with our financial advisors, we have the opportunity to obtain offers for you from the banks and are guided entirely by your life situation: loan rate, term, the risk of interest rate increases, all this we choose individually suitable for you.

Contact us with your questions about services related to finance and insurance. We look forward to getting to know you and will be happy to refer you to our partners!

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