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We promote art and bring it to the people.

Artists and art are very important to us, and promoting and supporting them is a matter close to our hearts.

The fine arts ...

Art is in the eye of the beholder, what is beautiful, the beholder decides highly individually. And that's a good thing, because it creates wonderful diversity. Art can be old or young, although Leonardo Da Vinci or Banksy, the tablatures of Youngmen Zhou, the compositions of Joseph Haydn or the works of Gil Scott-Herry., compositions by Joseph Haydn or works by Gil Scott-Heron and Joseph Saddler.

Art is unlimited in time. Oil paintings, sculptures, poetry, dance, music... all that is art. We care about making art accessible to everyone!

Bringing art closer to the people, that is our concern

Artists are as diverse as life itself, but they often have a hard time presenting themselves. Together with existing art associations we promote and mediate artists in all possible categories: From musicians and graffiti artists to sculptors and writers. Contact us, at DHP-Realizations you are in good hands!

Why we support art:

Art has no time limit. Art pleases or does not please. The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the basic feeling that stands at the cradle of true art and science.

„Seit Menschen Gedenken erleben wir eine in sich immer fortlaufende Entwicklung, bezugnehmend auf Kunst und Kultur. Genau an diesem Punkt versuchen wir als Unternehmen mit bestehenden Kulturvereinen Symbiosen zwischen KünstlernInnen und KunstfreundInnen herzustellen, um die Kunst und die schöpferischen Werke zu den Menschen zu bringen.“

The 7 areas in art - how they were and are used as a concept

Art was defined in different ages and periods in seven areas. Thus definitions such as "art as an antithesis to nature" apply in the Age of Enlightenment or "art in the sense of cognition and knowledge, as well as recognition and insight" from ancient philosophy. Today, "art in the sense of the fine arts" is the most commonly used term and covers a broad spectrum from painting to literature and music.

Our cooperation with art associations

In cooperation with existing associations we try to promote everything in the field of art, but beyond the fine arts - as they are known - namely also in the sense of science, knowledge or even as an opposite to nature, as we know it from Aristotle. Everything that is based on the consciousness of man or was created by his hand is part of our sponsorship.

Contact point and hub for artists and people interested in art

We offer artists a variety of opportunities to present themselves to an interested audience. Together with our partners, our many years of experience and the best contacts to art and cultural associations, we bring artists to the people and organize exciting events or artistic projects. On request we arrange the services of artists to interested parties. Are you interested in an art workshop or would you like to have graffiti on your wall?

Contact us, we will connect you with artists.


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